The Venice Glass Week will feature a wide range of events and initiatives dedicated to artistic and industrial glass: exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, open factories, conferences, seminars, award ceremonies, film screenings, concerts, educational activities and much more. Events will take place across the cities of Venice, Mestre and Murano and organised by a broad spectrum of institutions and organisations including museums, galleries, universities, glass companies, trade associations and cultural foundations, as well as artists and designers from Italy and abroad.

Click here to discover the programme organized from 9th September to 17th September 2023

To explore the programme in more detail, download the Map, visit the Events page and use the “Filters” to search for events according to your preferences. Each event has an individual web page where you will find details about timings, access information and booking (if required).

For any specific enquiries relating to an individual event, including information about booking (if required), please contact the event organiser directly, using the contact details provided on the web page for the event in question.