09 Sep 2023 -  17 Sep 2023

The Replacement

Event organised by Dasha Bolkhovitina

In objects from “The Replacement” blocks series, the artist addresses the problems of memories and nature. Trees function as a symbol of a living organism that preserves the memory of generations and is an eyewitness to events. A branch twisting, intertwining, and winding symbolizes the life of a memory: breaking off from the tree, it does not die, but acquires a new life, being reborn in its meaning.

Dasha Bolkhovitina (n.Russia, 1996), is an artist and sculptor working in various glass techniques, mostly with kiln glass casting. For Dasha, the essential moment is the conversation between the artist and the material, in the course of which the glass itself guides the movement of its inner life. Each particular artist artwork or series combines the power of nature and this philosophy.

Work on display:
The Replacement Glassfusion furnace (glass, branch)
Branch with blocks 190 x 80 cm,
Branch 200 x 150 cm

Event Dates

From Saturday 09 September to Sunday 17 September

Event Notes

10am - 6pm

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The Replacement

Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Palazzo Loredan, San Marco 2945 - 30124 Venezia