09 Sep 2023 -  17 Sep 2023

Scarti Redux

Event organised by Leslie Ann Genninger

Scarti Redux shines a light on a dilemma: Murano’s Glass waste. These waste elements are fundamental, they contain precious minerals and are an essential part of the process of Murano blowing techniques. For centuries they have been consigned as landfill waste, only useful to extend Murano’s borders. A botanical regrowth, a hybrid species, Scarti Redux continues the dialogue of the concept of waste to help Murano's survival and revival.

Leslie Ann Genninger (b. USA, 1959) is an American designer and adopted Venetian who has been designing and creating with Murano Glass for over 35 years. Her sculptures often juxtapose vintage and contemporary Murano Glass elements into unfamiliar compositions, creating an innovative dialogue between past, present and future. Scarti Redux embodies the essence of life’s survival and shines a light on the need for actions of conservation and evolution.

Work on display:
Scarti Redux, Murano Glass Scarti, vintage metal baskets, electric wiring, copper and steel wire, metal tubing, 2023

Event Dates

From Saturday 09 September to Sunday 17 September

Event Notes

10am - 6pm

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Scarti Redux

Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Palazzo Loredan, San Marco 2945 - 30124 Venezia