Perle in Tasca II: Film screening

Event organised by Palazzo Contarini Polignac

"Perle in Tasca is a 2 year project ("The Venice Glass Week" 2022 and 2023) which has the objective to promote the contemporary artists around Murano and Venice bead making while providing historical insight to the Venetian bead making culture, and a worldwide substantial export business, recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2020. French and Italian jewellery designers Catherine Le Gal, Virginie Ricour Lambard, Sylvie Doagio and Robin Clerici, during their residency at Palazzo Contarini Polignac have worked with Sabrina Always Costantini – owner of the former Costantini bead factory established in 1920’s in Murano – to inspire from the factory’s 10 tons of bead inventory under the curation of Valeria Accornero.
Catherine Le Gal was fascinated by a certain idea of the archeological find: by the imperfect beads with a rough appearance, by the waste elements of processing, by the fragments of broken canes. The colors are neutral and essential white, marron glacé, pink with a few multicolored tips. Virginie Ricour Lambard is used to working with a mix of techniques. What inspired her is the fairy-tale universe of the huge pearl deposit. The result will be jewelry that is a little psychedelic and a little ethnic. The basis will be the idea of embroidery probably on silk shreds. Sylvie Doagio was fascinated by the image of the waterway with which she associates the idea of transparency and lightness. She wants to recreate the feeling of light crocheted armor on which glass beads “float." Robin Clerici focuses on the power of color of irregular beads with a strong personality. It is the turquoises, blues, and greens that best match the yellow bronze with which she is used to make her micro sculptures. The technical aspect is important, that is, how to "set" the very fragile pearl in the bronze without damaging it during processing or afterwards when the jewelry will be worn.
Guest artist from France: Michèle Richer, interior designer from the prestigious Camondo School in Paris, and creator of the Murano glass brand “Milodina” will be participating to “The Venice Glass Week" 2023 with her creations using the beads of Costantini bead factory.
"Perle in Tasca" screening of a short documentary on Venetian bead making by Nicola di Robiland at 6 pm at Palazzo Contarini Polignac.

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Tuesday 12 September From 6:00 pm to 6:20 pm
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Perle in Tasca II: Film screening

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