09 Sep 2023 -  17 Sep 2023

Perfumum in Vitro

Event organised by Bottega Cini by The Merchant of Venice

Since ancient times there was no precious fragrance that hasn't been contained in a precious bottle. One of the first uses of the rare glass material was the creation of unguentariums or “tears vessels”, small containers that kept balms and perfumed oils. Most exceptional examples have been found in Egypt, the Middle East and throughout the ancient Roman Empire. Almost two thousand years ago, through their maritime trade, the Phoenicians spread the use of them from Syria throughout Mediterranean.
On the occasion of “The Venice Glass Week" 2023, Bottega Cini by The Merchant of Venice wants to explore the evolution of olfactory tools. From simple containers to artistic objects that anticipate the richness of perfume to amplifiers of its olfactory pyramid as in the case of “decanters”.

Event Dates

From Saturday 09 September to Sunday 17 September

Closure dates

• Tuesday 12 September Closed

Event Notes

Opening hours of Bottega Cini
Monday-Sunday 10.00am - 1pm / 2pm - 7pm
Tuesday closed

“Decanter” / “Decanter”
Flacone Murano e Flacone Natale / Murano scent bottle and Christmas flacon
Murano scent bottle and Christmas flacon
“Decanter”  / “Decanter”
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Perfumum in Vitro

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