Murano - Istanbul: A Glass Making Journey V

Event organised by Palazzo Contarini Polignac

2022 The Italian Glass Weeks: Murano - Istanbul: A Glass Making Journey V

This year's fifth edition of ''Murano-Istanbul: A Glass Making Journey' will be in the footsteps of the conferences initiated in 2018 and will be exploring the influence of Islamic Art on Murano glass making.

Frederick Lauritzen, historian, byzantinist at the Scuola Grande di San Marco and Dr. Stefano Carboni , the CEO of the Museums Comission in the Saudi Ministry of Culture,
will discuss the Byzantine -Constantinople /Istanbul influence in Islamic glass making, and the role played by the Venetian glass industry in its development.

Frederick Lauritzen: "The Creation of Byzantine Aesthetics: Glass making from Constantinople to Venice"

Constantinople continued in the production of Roman glass, creating a new aesthetic. Pagan mythological representations and Christian religious imagery became part of the Byzantine artistic repertoire. The interaction with the Persian Sassanids first and with the Muslim Emirates and Caliphates promoted decorative designs. This innovative mixture of pagan, Christian, Persian and Arab designs inspired both Muslim and Venetian glass making.
Dr. Stefano Carboni: "From Constantinople to Qustantiniyya to Istanbul: the making of a new identity and the role played by the Venetian glass industry in its development"
While Constantinople turned into Qustantiniyya and with time it became Istanbul, the Ottomans established an empire that encompassed a large part of the Arab-speaking Muslim world as well as the Balkans and sections of Eastern Europe that presented ethnic and religious complexities to the ruling Muslim sultans. Istanbul itself became an international hub that acknowledged and to some extent embraced its Greek and Byzantine cultural past at the same time building a new identity as a Sunni Muslim capital and incorporating different communities such as the Jewish diaspora expelled from Spain in the late 15th century. Key to this new identity was the period of rule of the city's conqueror, Mehmet Fatih, who saw himself not only as the sultan of a large portion of the Muslim world but he strove to adopt some of the customs and manners of European royal circles. The arts and crafts, including glass production, had a similar development continuing established traditions and adopting new ones. Venice became an ideal "partner" in this transmission and glass production had an important part in this conversation becoming a source of mutual influence and exchange.
The conference will be curated by Dr. Sema Postacioglu.

Event Timings

Tuesday 20 September From 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm


20 Sep 2022

Murano - Istanbul: A Glass Making Journey V

Event organized by Palazzo Contarini Polignac
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Murano - Istanbul: A Glass Making Journey V

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