Monumental Sculpture in the nature - Glass Art

Event organised by Pilar Aldana-Mendez

Nature has been always Pilar´s main inspiration to create Art. She had placed more than 50 Monumental Sculptures always in Natural areas, Sculpture Parks and special Gardens. Some of these works had been created placing glass as an important part of the pieces. Pilar will present the sculptures and the projects behind them, the working process and specially, the relation they create with the environment.
To create Monumental Sculptures to be placed in the Nature there are plenty conditions and situations to take good care of. When the work includes Glass the conditions are even more strict and should be solved to achieve the best from Glass and its preservation in time.

Event Timings

Sunday 10 September From 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Event Notes

Online Conference - 1.30h talk - 30 minutes questions

Rifugio - Vetro e legno / Refuge - Glass and Wood
Refuge - Glass and Wood
 Acqua Sacra - Marmo e Acqua / Sacred Water - Marble and Water
Sacred Water - Marble and Water
Blu - Vetro, legno i metallo  / Blue - Glass, wood and metall
Blue - Glass, wood and metall