09 Sep 2023 -  17 Sep 2023

Micheluzzi Gallery

Event organised by Massimo Micheluzzi & Micheluzzi Glass

Massimo Micheluzzi exhibits his works in his historic gallery, a place that expresses his eclectic approach reflecting the infinite creative possibilities of glass, always paying homage to centuries-old Murano traditions. His tireless experimentation with the material gives life to objects with fluid shapes, iridescent transparencies, opaque surfaces as well as elaborate mosaic patterns.
Also exhibiting in the gallery are his daughters Elena and Margherita with their line of vases and glasses. Launched in 2019, Micheluzzi Glass revisits the tradition of glass with a contemporary design. Vases and glasses are distinguished by their faceted and iridescent surfaces that play with the perception of glass.

Event Dates

From Saturday 09 September to Sunday 17 September

Closure dates

• Sunday 10 September Closed

Event Notes

Open 10 am -1 pm / 3 pm-6.30 pm
Closed Sunday

Massimo Micheluzzi / Massimo Micheluzzi
Massimo Micheluzzi
Micheluzzi Glass / Micheluzzi Glass
Micheluzzi Glass
Galleria Micheluzzi  / Micheluzzi Gallery
Micheluzzi Gallery
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Micheluzzi Gallery

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