09 Sep 2023 -  17 Sep 2023

Light the torch

Event organised by Franco Schiavon Gallery

In collaboration with Veronica Vitari

Light the torch aims to celebrate the art of lampworking, offering a unique spectacle. In this extraordinary collective space, artists will bring their creations to life, evoking the ambiance of the ancient Murano workshops where the competition among masters led to immense artistic development we know today. We will unveil to the audience the numerous applications of the lampworking technique through the works of esteemed masters such as Aldo Boscolo, Nicola Donà, Chiara Tajarol, and many more. Additionally, we have the privilege of hosting renowned artists like Lucio Bubacco, Mauro Bonaventura, and Vittorio Costantini during the events. To explore the entire program, visit the “Event" section on our website at www.schiavonglass.com.

Event Dates

From Saturday 09 September to Sunday 17 September

Event Notes

11am - 5pm

Nicola Donà / Nicola Donà
Nicola Donà
Aldo Boscolo / Aldo Boscolo
Aldo Boscolo
Vetraie Ribelli / Vetraie Ribelli
Vetraie Ribelli
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Light the torch

Fondamenta dei Vetrai 26 - 30141 Murano