11 Sep 2023 -  16 Sep 2023


Event organised by 4 Glass Murano

The furnace 4 Glass Murano realizes handmade pieces of high quality craftsmanship like chandeliers, glasses and vases with blowing process.
Guests can see different glass making techniques according to the object in production during the visit, like "balotton" and "rigadin" glass textures, "phoenician" style decoration, submerged layers of glass, melting color glass, the application of gold or silver leaf, "granolithic" colored glass and "murrine".
The staff of 4 Glass Murano is available to explain to guests the work during the realization of the piece and reply to all their requests.
The staff can also show to guests all tools that the Master is using during the different glass processes and explain how he works on project.

Event Dates

From Monday 11 September to Saturday 16 September

Event Notes

from 9.30am to 12.30pm

lavorazione vaso rostrato /
"rostrum" vase work
lavorazione decorazione di lampadario / work of a chandelier's decoration
work of a chandelier's decoration
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Fondamenta D. Manin 1 - 30141 Murano