Glass: Between Craft, Design and Art

Event organised by Apice

On Monday 19th September from 6pm-7pm CEST this Conversation will be streaming live on the YouTube Channel of The Venice Glass Week. A recording will be available to watch afterwards on the same YouTube Channel.

Moderator: Emma Park, Freelance Writer & Contributing Editor, Glass Quarterly

Benjamin Wright, Artistic Director, Pilchuck Glass School
Monica Guggisberg, Artist
Philip Baldwin, Artist
Susie Silbert, Curator of Postwar and Contemporary Glass, The Corning Museum of Glass

The Conference is in English.


Emma Park has been writing about glass art since 2018. She is a contributing editor at Glass Quarterly, and has published articles on glass and other art forms in Apollo, The Design Edit, Crafts, Neues Glas, Glass Network Digital and ArtDependence. She is also the editor of the Freethinker magazine. After completing her DPhil in Classics at Oxford in 2012, she worked as a lecturer and teacher, and briefly as a lawyer, before switching to journalism.

Ben Wright holds a BS in Evolutionary Biology from Dartmouth College, a BFA in Glass from the Appalachian Center for Crafts, and an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. While at Dartmouth, he explored forests from upstate New Hampshire to tropical Jamaica to record and map song birds for the renowned ornithologist Richard Homes. His background in Biology figures strongly in his artwork, which delves deeply into the ever evolving relationship between humans and their environment. Through work ranging from interactive visual installations to sonic landscapes he engages all of his viewer’s senses and often bridges the gap between art and science. He has taught and exhibited his unique approach to art making at numerous schools including Pilchuck Glass School, Penland School of Craft and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and abroad in Germany, Turkey, Denmark, Japan, Belgium, Poland and Australia. Ben is currently the Artistic Director of Pilchuck Glass school in Stanwood Washington.

Philip Baldwin (1947) and Monica Guggisberg (1955), have been a collaborative team for over forty years. Their work has developed its own distinctive signature, based in Italian cold -working « battuto » combined with the Swedish overlay process for layering colors. They are pioneers in adapting these techniques, creating an original expression of their own. Essentially sculptural in focus, they seek to imbue their work with a deep connection to archetypal forms and shapes, while striving for a high level of craftsmanship. They address eternal symbols of human culture and history. In recent years large installations and major exhibitions in public spaces, such as Canterbury Cathedral in 2018, and The Glasmuseum Ebeltoft in Denmark 2020, reflect their concern for the shared conditions of our times, highlighting some of the challenges while continuing to express their love for beauty in form and object.

Susie J. Silbert is the curator of postwar and contemporary glass at The Corning Museum of Glass. Her curatorial practice is expansive, constantly seeking to broaden the definitions of what the material of glass is and can be. As part of her role at the Museum, Silbert serves as the editor of the annual exhibition-in-print New Glass Review, and selects the recipient of the Museum’s Rakow Commission. Her international survey exhibition New Glass Now, designed to introduce new audiences and new approaches to glass, debuted in Corning in 2019, before traveling to the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Toyama Museum of Glass in Japan.

Event Timings

Monday 19 September From 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm