Glass and Voice

Event organised by Association of Glass Artists from Poland

In collaboration with IPAV e Fondazione Venezia Servizi alla persona

"Glass and Voice" is a mesmerizing performance where artists play instruments crafted from glass, paying homage to the skilled glass artisans of Venice's past. Through this event, each artist weaves a unique narrative and conveys a diverse range of emotions. The performers include Natalia Komorowska, Jarosław Kozioł, Katarzyna Krej, Andrzej Kałucki, Adam Kaźmierczak, and Marzena Wilk, accompanied by a captivating sound arrangement by Julian Krej.

Event Timings

Wednesday 13 September From 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm
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Glass and Voice

San Marco 4303 - 30124 Venice