19 Sep 2022 -  23 Sep 2022

Fragments of minds

Event organised by Marco Toso Borella

Fragments of minds is the sum of the partial element (Fragment), often caused by a violent rupture of the life object, which is reformed in the interior and in the exchange between intelligences (minds).
Fragments of minds is the photo of the moment we are living, made up of vital fragmentation, virtual isolation, partial reality and at the same time considered unique and total by those who are satisfied with their own cutting edge of truth.
Fragments of minds uses fragile material to express itself: multicoloured glass and the grey of the mind, in the illusion that two elements so delicate and imperceptible can, together, become force, gravity.
Fragments of minds is therefore exchange and isolation, source and tributary, in the becoming of the world that has become a frenzy, where, in the end, each fragment becomes a mental sum.
Fragments of minds, which will have many fragments of a single piece, is the plastic rendering of this aprioristic premise: many pieces in their own right, which can be read alone or added to the memory of others. Islands and archipelagos of the soul.
Like the life that flows in front of the mobile phone or PC screen, made up of many small pieces of nothing exchanged between ethereal intelligences

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From Monday 19 September to Friday 23 September

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Fragments of minds

Fondamenta Da Mula 147 - 30141 Murano, Venice