Eclip-See - Finissage

Event organised by Atelier Visconti Paris / Xavier and Sigrid de Montrond

In collaboration with Maria Grazia Rosin

The project - Eclip See - draws inspiration from the splendid leaded glass windows made by Pietro Bigaglia in the early 19th century for Palazzo Bragadin, his Venetian workshop and residence. Rosin's intervention intends to recreate the suggestion of these windows by restoring their pathos through a contemporary conjugation. The installation is developed through assemblages of backlit and superimposed coloured glass modular bodies. The combination by chromatic layering stimulated by changes in light intensity modulates multiple visual effects and an ever-changing perception of space The light itself its colour its intensity becomes an immersive experience.

Event Timings

Sunday 17 September From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm