17 Sep 2022 -  24 Sep 2022

Glassy Creatures

Event organised by Kanz Architetti

Kanz's project is about objects that come directly from experimentation with matter.
It is an uncompromising project, from drawing to making in the craft workshop, from experiment to home environment, without filters, restrictions or limits imposed by custom.
Geometries in relationship, simple solids that become complicated by interacting. Dimensional and proportional variables give rise to forms that gradually become recognizable in their singularity, taking on the appearance of objects, while in the whole they make one think of alternative realities, of worlds populated by glassy creatures.

Event Dates

From Saturday 17 September to Saturday 24 September

Event Notes

10am-1pm / 3.30pm-7pm


16 Sep 2022

Glassy Creatures

Event organized by Kanz Architetti
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Glassy Creatures

Calle Lunga San Barnaba, Dorsoduro 2858 - 30123 Venice